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Can you think of many teams that have achieved great things without team work?
It’s a given that to be part of a winning sporting team you need to have a team that works well together.
It’s the same in business and in life.  Often at the Acting and Communication Academy we talk about the importance of being a communicator and how drama helps children express themselves and develops skills for life. This week I want to break that down more and share with you how the skills you develop contribute to your business and social success.
A definition of team work is when individuals, working together contribute to a common goal. There is a strong focus in most workplaces now on teams and this is reflected in our language as well. Rarely do you hear of a supervisor anymore, the role is more commonly referred to as a team leader. Teamwork builds confidence and character in individuals and helps us appreciate diversity.
But what does it take to be a valuable team player…
Skilled individuals make for skilled teams. When we combine our efforts with those of others that compliment us we can achieve far more than we could on our own. To be able to contribute we must be able to communicate clearly and effectively in order to collaborate. Collaboration is a skill most often learned. It might be learned in group work at school or in sporting teams, and in drama classes.
Group drama classes are fundamentally about collaborating and developing ideas with a common purpose of performing as a team!
Classes at the Acting and Communication Academy are designed so as to develop collaboration skills in our students. Our teachers understand the group process and will lead students through the phases of development so they improve in their communication, broaden and develop ideas and understand how they can contribute their strengths to a team improving their interactions with others.
We have group classes in performance, speech and drama, effective communication and public speaking across Sydney.
Please see our class schedule if you’d like more information and come along.
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