This is a question that we are asked all of the time, and the simple answer is, it’s all about your child! At the Acting and Communications Academy we offer a wide range of options and pathways for students to take, but primarily our classes are based around either Speech and Drama and Effective Communication.
So what’s the big difference?
It’s basically a case of similar destinations but a different route. Each of our classes are aimed to improve a students overall presentation and performance skills. Presentation isn’t just a case of giving a speech, just as performance isn’t merely taking on a crazy character or costume. In order to become a great, rounded presenter or performer it is important to have a balance of both. So now to the finer details:
Speech and Drama is a great outlet for creative kids who love to express themselves and explore ideas in creative ways, but it’s also highly beneficial to those students who may be a little more held back and looking to ‘come out of themselves’. Through Speech and Drama students are given the opportunity for spontaneity and creativity that isn’t really available in other circumstances. It is great to boost confidence and ell students form new ideas and experiences. Students are able to unleash their imaginations while working through fundamental presentation skills both vocally and physically. This can be a great advantage when it comes to giving more formal presentations, as they are able to develop creativity in presenting as well as performing.
Effective communication offers a more structured approach to presentation or performance and is great for students who have the idea, but aren’t as articulate in showing them. We still encourage creativity through Effective Communications whilst educating students on the frame works of great presentations. Each class focuses on building fundamental skills along the way, but the approach varies and depends on the student’s personalities, and no one knows those better than their parents.
We believe that it is a combination of the two that can really bring the best outcome. All of the skills are useful and complement the student making them a well rounded performer.