At the Acting and Communication Academy we teach skills for life.
Children learn through play. At the Acting and Communication Academy our training is based on experiential learning. From our pre-kindy to adult corporate training we focus on games and exercises that engage participants in whole body learning. For children this very much looks like play.
Many of our students come to us to improve confidence and speaking abilities. You cannot teach someone to be confident. There is no such thing as a confidence class. What you can do however is create an atmosphere where students are prepared to take supported risks and grow in their own self-esteem and self efficacy. This is our approach. Play based learning engages not only the mind but the whole body creating new neural pathways. This sets the foundation for lasting change.
This approach has many benefits. It enhances creativity, promotes resilience, openness, collaboration, and equips students with superior social and communication skills. Learning by doing or gamification has other benefits research support increased intelligence and problem solving abilities. Introducing time for reflection and observation in our classes allows students to progress, self evaluate and completes the cycle of learning and engagement.
With 25 years plus years of experience I have trained thousands of actors, speakers, performers, executives and school aged students with some outstanding results. We know this works and invite you to join us for one of our short courses, schools based programs or corporate training programs.