One-off classes

The Acting and Communications Academy has the expertise and resources you need to support your academic and professional development. Our single training sessions will help you shine. Ace that interview, presentation, pitch or audition with stronger speech, powerful presence and inner confidence.

We can help you with…


Whether it’s a school presentation, captaincy speech, debate or a corporate demonstration, we offer the support and skills you need to nail it. You bring specific content to work on. Your tutor can then ensure you get the most out of your one-off session, focusing on delivery, nerve management, body language, confidence, facial expression and more.


Our experienced tutors will make you feel ready for anything. We cover all the essentials – effective choice of words, clarity, flow, timing and dramatic pauses. More than that, we help you craft a speech that truly engages your audience. It’s the human element that marks out a great speech, with perfectly balanced vocabulary and content.

Online presence

Digital platforms like Zoom are booming. As more of us meet online for professional and social reasons, we are also worrying about how we look and sound online! Try a single session to troubleshoot problems with body language, confidence, voice projection and focus. We can help you build and maintain a strong, engaging online presence.


We love helping performers prepare for auditions. Let us show you how to introduce yourself, move smoothly through the audition and leave a lasting impression. You bring audition materials to work on. Then we get to know your character inside-out. By developing something unique and authentic, you stand out from competitors and maximise your chances of winning the role.

Job interviews

Confidence is critical in job interviews. Unless you sell yourself in a clear and convincing way, someone else will snag the role. Your single session can help you make a powerful first impression using body language, verbal delivery and effective vocabulary. Our tutors employ all their corporate expertise to turn you into a great candidate.

Leadership skills

The ability to inspire and lead others is one of the highest prizes in life. Our tutors show you how to develop strong and compelling communication skills – the foundation of all effective leadership. We drill down into the nuance of speech and body language to help you identify, develop and polish genuine leadership skills.

We’d love to help you! Let us know how we can.