As you may know at the Acting and Communication Academy we’re proud to provide the only approved course in the Asia-Pacific for ATCL Diploma’s with Trinity College London to students under the age of 18, but what is it all about? Here are some of the answers to those initial questions we’re often asked.
The ATCL Diploma is a tertiary qualification and is available across a variety of areas. These areas include: speech and drama, public speaking and effective communication, musical theatre, directing and performance arts and acting. Courses are available in bother performance and teaching. Our specialised program has been approved and includes the pre-diploma, 1st and 2nd year diploma courses.
What is Pre-Diploma?
Sometimes it is obvious that a student will want to go through and complete their diploma level qualifications and other times it is nice to have the option. These students tend to choose to take the pre-diploma course.
Pre-diploma is offered to students studying at grade 4 – 5 Trinity College London (or equivalent) and will be around grade 8 – 9 Pre-diploma the students are introduced to the seminar, which is a group of ATCL students across different stages, where they explore the context and technicalities and theory of acting, teaching and performing, while continuing through the TLC grades.
Why should I do Pre-Diploma?
By enrolling in the Pre-Diploma program you’re able to keep your options open to continue into the Diploma, and extend your depth of learning. Many people may be unsure whether they are interested in a performance diploma, a teaching diploma or even both. The Pre-diploma course gives you time to become familiar with both of these and lessens the pressure of the course at a time when you have increased commitments from the school curriculum.
What is the Diploma and what options are available?
The ATCL Diploma is an internationally recognised qualification and is available across a variety of areas these include performing Speech and Drama, Performance Arts, Communication Skills (public speaking) and Musical Theatre, these are also covered in the ATCL Teaching Diploma. The difference between the performance and teaching diplomas is simply the number of units, where the performance diploma is a single unit with one final 45 min practical exam, the teaching diploma is completed through three units – a 2 hour written paper, 45 min practical exam and case study.
For those with an interest in business, there is also an option of completing a Professional Certificate in Business Communication Skills.
Why complete the diploma?
Students have various different reasons for completing the ATCL Diploma, for some it is to complete their Trinity College London grades to the highest-level possible, while they’re still in school. For others who are looking to have a professional career in acting or business this qualification provides them with the skills and a head start on the rest in order to do this, as well as providing students with the possibility to achieve bonus HSC points. Some who are interested in a career in teaching also find this program is s great entry into the industry.
What is unique about our program?
Our program is one of a kind, through a combination contextual theory, professional development workshops with some of Australia’s leading professionals in performing arts and business, observation hours, practical supervised teaching, performance, group seminars, and more we have developed the only ATCL Diploma program in the south pacific approved for students under the age of 18.
We hope we have answered a few of your queries! If you would like further information or to discuss the possibility of enrolling in the course please don’t hesitate to contact us.