Today our Diploma in Acting students spent the afternoon in the theatre learning about the intricacies and fun of Shakespeare followed by the contrasts of playing in the Restoration Style. It was a great afternoon with a room of artless dizzy-eyed giblets! We spent quite some time hurling insults and practicing various bows, curtsies and exploring text.

The first part of the day was devoted to voice and coming to terms with the demands placed on the vocal capacity of a Shakespearean actor. Freeing the Shakespearean Voice is a great book for all performers to read especially if you are considering pursuing a career as an actor. It is by Kristen Linklater, one of our favourites at the Acting and Communication Academy.

Buy the book

(Just be sure to select a new copy and purchase from a supplier who ships to Australia)

Try some of these creative insults on your friends!

Shakespearean insults

Shakespearean insults

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