“The Le Coq Devising Theatre Masterclass with Christopher Tomkinson was an extremely interesting and fun workshop that has helped to further develop my skills as a performer.

At the start of the workshop, we worked on warming our body up, being aware of tension, our natural body tendencies, and letting things happen naturally. We then explored the way our body works through different exercises and games and focused on having fun and being able to relax while performing. We also worked with masks and sticks which were unique and really enjoyable.

I learnt a lot over the weekend about being more aware of my body and actions while performing. For instance, my breath, where the tension is in my body, as well as focusing and connecting with fellow performers. The idea of having fun and relaxing your body under pressure or in normal situations was a challenge at times, but I have learnt so much more about myself as a performer, and about the way my body reacts in different situations.
Overall, I really got to understand how the body plays a massive part in improving a performance and that in order to be a better performer, you must be aware and understand your body and mind.” – Jessica Kuo (Year 10, MLC School)