“I recently took part in a Musical Theatre Masterclass. Well, I loved it! The person leading the class made it fun and informative at the same time. As I am still getting used to performing in front of people, she helped boost my confidence a lot. I learnt loads about how musical theatre originated and how to continue acting throughout musical numbers. I really am glad I participated in this class.” 

– Anna Sulan 

“I enjoyed the masterclass because it helped us approach drama in a new way through singing and movement. The masterclass also helped improve my acting skills from imagining myself in the character’s situation from the questions that we had to answer.” 

– Jenny Wu 

“I found that it was a really helpful and enjoyable experience. I was a bit nervous beforehand as I don’t sing often and feel insecure about my voice, however Miss Elisa was very welcoming and encouraging and for that I am grateful. Some things I learnt include: how to interpret a script, the challenges of finding meaning in a song when it’s stripped bare of its melody, how to be more confident on stage and how to do a cold reading effectively. I found it quite enjoyable and insightful. 

– Rachel Lao