“I really liked today’s early childhood development masterclass and enjoyed listening and learning from Samantha Fazldeen. Samantha began talking about at how important creativity is, and the way it fits into everyday life. It’s vital to enabling children to communicate and develop neural pathways, and unique skills. Furthermore, she spoke about babies urge to communicate and interact with those around them, in particular, their mother or caretaker. I didn’t really realise how much impact a mother or caretaker has on a child’s growth and development. It was fascinating to see how a child’s brain develops, grows, and is the most active in the first five years of their life. Learning about babies and how they are so determined to have interaction and to communicate is incredible and to see how fast they can learn and pick up things.
It never really crossed my mind that one action could potentially harm and limit a child’s growth and development, and could even lead them to have mental issues, poor social and communication skills and lack of self-confidence. The way you act towards children has a large impact on their social skills, communication, and personality. I really loved when we worked and learned different tips and advice on telling stories to children and it was nice to be able to practise and experiment reading a story to a partner in the way you would to children.
Overall, I think this masterclass will improve and help me with the way I interact with children, and even other adults or teens in a positive way. And learning about this really fits in with my life, as I love children and that I help to coach children in gymnastics. I can utilise what I have learnt to be able to produce a more effective lesson, help the children to grow and develop, and be a better coach and support to them!”
– Jessica Kuo