Language is a powerful tool, but learning one can be challenging for all age groups. At Acting and Communication Academy, we use drama as an effective method of helping ESL/EFL students learn new communication skills, develop verbal and non-verbal skills, and gain the confidence they need. It encourages participation, motivating the students to go beyond their comfort zones to break down their language barriers.

Drama helps us make the necessary connection between the written and the spoken language. ESL/EFL students often focus on the written components of learning English and overlook the conversational and communicational skills that are essential in developing relationships, leadership and other valuable qualities.

When I started as an ESL/EFL pupil, it was apparent to me that the drama classes were ideal and appropriately tailored for ESL/EFL students. I can safely say that the skills that I’ve developed over the years of drama training have truly opened many doors for me, academically, personally and career-wise. Even now that I’m teaching, I still actively seek out drama programs and workshops to refresh and further my skills in all aspects of communication. I am now passionate about helping others along their journey, to speak with confidence, self-expression and ease.
– Miss June Wang ( Acting and Communication Academy Tutor )

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