Skills in Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama is a great way to establish firm foundations for developing life skills. Speech and Drama develop many skills including confidence, communication skills, spontaneity, teamwork, articulation, empathy, and awareness of others. These skills are used in everyday life. At school, at home and at work. Being able to articulate your ideas, listen actively and adapt communication style, makes you more likely to succeed. Having strong communication skills supports career advancement. Young students navigate a world that demands much of them and being able to adapt to situations is important.


Speech and Drama encourage students to think outside the box. Speech and Drama develop self-confidence by giving students the chance to participate in exams, and performances and try new skills.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Being able to communicate nonverbally is so important! Non-verbal communication or body language is communication with gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Physical communication makes up for 55% of our communication, 38% is intonation and 7% is verbal.  Having strong non-verbal communication skills creates strong connections with others, builds trust and makes a positive impression on others.

Speaking Skills

Students learn how to master a powerful tool… their voice! Speech and Drama teach the foundations of speaking skills for clear and effective communication. Students learn how to speak, slowly, clearly, with expression and projection for different audiences and situations.   It develops skills to put your thoughts together and to clearly communicate your ideas with others.


Speech and Drama puts you in other people’s shoes through role play and exploration of character. The skill of empathy helps you understand others better and see different perspectives.


Speech and Drama requires students to work in groups. It breaks down the skills of achieving a common goal with group or scene partners. It requires the organisation of thought and trust in others.