Benefits of graded exams

  • ‘Progressive mastery’ allows candidates to begin and end study any time.
  • Creative training supports candidates by developing transferable skills.
  • Graded exams boost motor and communications skills, along with self-expression and critical thinking.
  • Self-discipline and mental application can both improve throughout the process.
  • Graded exams complement other qualifications and help resumes stand out.
  • They allow flexibility of resources and teaching methods.
  • The system encourages positive feedback and maximum student collaboration.
  • Progress towards diploma qualification.

How to get started

  • Browse our website and training modules.
  • Choose the class which best suits your needs.
  • Talk to us about registering for graded exams.
  • We contact students and parents during term to discuss further.
  • All our classes cover the fundamentals of the craft.
  • Classes also work towards specific exam requirements.
  • Feel free to enquire any time, we are always pleased to assist.

Exam periods

Students can sit for exams once each year – in October (twice for written exams). We work with each student to determine the optimum time to take examinations.

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Hear from our Students

It was a really enjoyable experience that enhanced my learning…I really went out of my comfort zone

I learnt about a lot of aspects in drama that I didn’t know existed previously and loved the physicality explored

This is a wonderful goal to work towards each year and offers a benchmark for progress. We highly recommend the challenge!