I grew up in Taiwan and moved to Australia in 2006, English is my second language. I needed help with particular speaking skills and the classes did just that! I’ve not only improved on my communication skills, the lessons have also boosted my confidence.
I always describe myself as a “late bloomer in speech and drama” because I started lessons much later than other students, however, I’ve been interested in performing since I can remember and jumped at the opportunity to do speech and drama when I found out about it through friends.
After completing grade 8 in speech and drama, I moved on to study the ATCL teaching diploma in speech and drama, so I’m very passionate about teaching others and hopefully pass on what I’ve learnt to others. But the speech and drama skills I’ve gained are very relevant to all situations and come in handy everyday!
There are so many funny memories from the years I studied at the Academy, but the best moment would probably be when I was doing supervised practical teaching and the students came up to me after a lesson to tell me how much they’ve enjoyed the classes!