What we offer

  • Diploma in Performance Arts
  • Diploma in Teaching Performance Arts
  • Diploma in Effective Communications
  • Diploma in Teaching Effective Communications

Benefits of diploma program

  • Premium international qualification recognised globally across the business world and communications industry.
  • Students can begin the pre-diploma stage in Year 8 or 9, progressing through Trinity College London Grades 6, 7 and 8.
  • We cover every stage from beginner right through to diploma.
  • Diploma includes weekly class, weekly seminars and 16 professional development masterclasses.
  • Take part in annual ACA productions to supplement your diploma skills.
  • Benefit from the expertise of our resident tutors and guest practitioners, all working industry professionals in the Australian theatre, television and film communities.

How to get started

Exam periods

Students can sit for exams once each year – in October/November. We work with each student to determine the optimum time to take examinations.

About Trinity College London

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The Acting and Communication Academy is one of the most dedicated teaching places. The staff here are all extremely friendly, dedicated and hard working. The Academy has allowed me to enhance my acting and communication abilities immensely. They have allowed me to build confidence in involving myself in groups at school, helped me with my expression in debating, and I’m now able to confidently present and speak in front of an extremely large audience!

Adam, an ACA Diploma Student