Career Pathways: Become a Speech Professional 

The National Skills Commission have recently shared advice for Young Australians deciding what to study after graduating high scool. Their studies show that a career in health and welfare is among the best options for securing ongoing employment including working as a speech professional.

Speech professionals are in the top 20 most resilient occupations, but what exactly is a speech professional?

1. Speech therapist/pathologist

Educated in the study of human communication, development and disorders.

Where do they work? Schools, Therapist offices, Hospitals, Nursing and Residential care facilities.

2. Speech or Voice Coach

Specialising in delivery and communicaton. Focuses on vocal variety (tone, pitch, pace, volume) and gesture. Can specialise in multiple areas including Public Speaking, Performance, Accents and Dialects.

Where do they work? Film, Television, Opera, Theatre and Musical Theatre.

Tip: Next time you’re at the theatre see if you can find a Vocal Coach in the program! 

3. Executive or Corporate Communication Coach

Similar to a voice coach, corporate communication coaches specialise in effective communication in the workplace.

Where do they work? The list is too long to name! At all kinds of corporate businesses and even Parliament.

Tip: Have you seen the King’s Speech? Britain’s Prince Albert hires an Australian actor and speech therapist to help him overcome his stammer as he ascends to the throne. 

4. Interpreter or Translator 

Interpreters and translators require fluency in a second language (or sign language). This requires additional training and certification but can be a great avenue for those who are bi-lingual.

Where do they work? Schools, hospitals, courtrooms and corporate meeting rooms.

5. Researcher or Professor 

Further study in academia, including obtaining a PhD can lead to conducting research or working as a professor in Speech Pathology.

Where do they work? Hospitals, clinics, universities.

How can I become a Speech Professional? 

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Speech Professional, Acting and Communication Academy offers a Diploma Program in performance and teaching. Subject areas include acting, speech, drama, performing arts, musical theatre and communication skills. After graduating from this program, students will have a premium international qualification, recognised globally across the business world and communications industry.

The Acting and Communication Academy Diploma courses are:

– Diploma in Performing Arts

– Diploma in Teaching Performance Arts

– Diploma in Effective Communications

– Diploma in Teaching Effective Communications

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