We would like to share a story of former ACA student, now tutor, Adam Chan. Adam attributes some of his success to ACA and tells us about his experience with ACA, how ACA has helped him develop crucial communication skills and how he’s applying what he’s learnt and soaring high in all aspects of his life. Adam joined ACA back when he was preparing for his Grade 7 exam. After completing Trinity College London Grades 7 and 8, he went on to pursue two diplomas: Trinity College of London Performance Diploma (Speech and Drama) and the Associate of Trinity College London teaching (Speech and Drama). Adam is in his second year of study at the University of NSW studying Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op), Marketing. At UNSW he is a part of the ‘Future Students Team’ and the ‘Co-op Ambassadors Program’ where he seeks to add to his community by hosting events and engaging with industry professionals to provide upskilling advise to prospective students. This Program also facilitated his internship at American Express earlier this year where he got the chance to volunteer at the Two Good Co. Adams’ achievements don’t stop there. He is a recipient of UNSW Marketing Co-Op Scholarship and has been selected to study at Cambridge University in 2024 as a part of the Future Leaders Labwhere he will participate in aleadership and professional development program with other students working in interdisciplinary teams to tackle key challenges that have been made apparent through the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. What an amazing achievement. Adam is an inspiration to those around him and he tells us how ACA has helped carved the path and opened up these opportunities. Adam tells us his most memorable moment was when a few of the pre-diploma students alongside the guidance of ACA tutor Lily devised and performed their own play. “Despite my role being only in the backroom doing lights and music, I still had an amazing time being along the journey and seeing the student’s project come to life after months of hard work.” Adam continues to bring this passion for fostering students’ visions and bringing ideas to life inside the classroom. His passion for helping others succeed is commendable.  ACA is about providing skills for life. Adam says the main skills he has learnt from his time at ACA are: Confidence in terms of public speaking and presenting. He says ACA has “helped me when it comes to work presentations and interviews.” Creating Interpersonal connections which enables him to Communicate in both personal and professional relationships to create more interpersonal connections with others.” Creating nurturing teaching environments where he has “Learnt to take note of other’s personal preferences as well as comfort levels when teaching allows me to become more accommodating and create a safer environment in both a social and workspace.” “All skills that I have learnt will significantly benefit me. Requiring a significant amount of liaising with both clients and customers, I will be able to create personal connections more aptly with others. Since joining ACA my method of learning acting has definitely become more professionalised. I now understand a significant number of theories regarding how people act and react in any setting.” The ATCL teaching Diploma is no small feat. At ACA our Diploma Course runs for a duration of 2 years requiring a commitment of a 1-hour Group and 45-minute individual lessons per week as well as attending Masterclasses with Industry Professionals. All candidates complete 3 main components: A written paper on the components of teaching, a practical demonstration in front of an examiner and a Case Study composing of a minimum of 20 hours teaching time. Adam was able to complete his diploma whilst also getting through other milestones in life, here’s how: “One of my biggest challenges was being able to manage my time. Being still in high school during my acting and teaching diploma, I found it hard to find enough time to dedicate an adequate amount of time to perfecting my performances and repertoire whilst also maintaining high grades during my studies in school. I overcame this by putting off the diploma for as year whilst I focussed on HSC and subsequently re-joined the program during my first year in university and finished my teaching diploma.” Adam is a high achiever, this is reflected in some advice he gives future generations of actors and leaders, he says “To go for every opportunity possible. Despite the possibility of you succeeding looking extremely small, without trying, the chance of being lucky is not even there. I recently learnt about the concept of luck: only those who put themselves in a spot to receive luck get rewarded.” ACA tutors are dedicated to providing students with skills for life and Adam is one example. We are so proud of him and are looking forward to seeing him continue to thrive and inspire the next generation inside and outside the classroom.